Karl Hagedorn Paintings

Karl Hagedorn was always interested in one theme: Man and machine. "In the early USA paintings of Karl Hagedorn, there appear, at first sparingly and later on in increasing numbers technical components - fragmnets of machinery, graphic elements, traffic and sign symbols. The more the human figure becomes abstract and geometrical, almost robot-like, the more the abstract parts become humanized, softer and more supple, as if they wished increasingly to assume a human nature."         - Wolfgang Horn - Hagedorn,1998

Dramatis Personae
Dramatis Personae, 2001. Oil on canvas, 48” x 72”  - Painted in two panels. titled, signed, and dated. $28,000
Station Master
Station Master, 1972. Oil on canvas, 34” x 50”, titled, signed, and dated. SOLD
Successive Spiral
Successive Spiral, 1974. Oil on canvas, 28” x 36”, titled, signed, and dated. $7,500
Target, 1983. Oil on canvas, 48” x 36”,titled, signed, and dated.$15,000
Dual Systems in Space
Dual Systems in Space, 1983. Oil on canvas, 36” x 50”, titled, signed, and dated. $12,500
Pisan Interlude
Pisan Interlude, 1987. Oil on canvas, 48” x 32”, titled, signed, and dated. SOLD
Permutation, 1988. Oil on canvas, 50” x 36”, titled, signed, and dated. $12,500
Giselbertus, 1989. Oil on canvas, 72” x 72”, titled, signed, and dated. – Painted in six panels.  Price on Request.
Giselbertus was a highly inventive 12th century French/Roman sculptor who was one of the first artists to ever sign their individual name to a work of art.
Delphi, 1989. Oil on canvas, 32” x 40”, titled, signed, and dated. $8,800
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