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SPECIAL SELECTION - Peter Burega (b. 1965)

“15 Stone”, 2004, oil, wax and glaze on wood panel, 48” x 48”, signed and annotated on the reverse, and dated “February 2004 - Rancho Mirage”.  A  seminal work by this increasingly recognized artist, whose more recent works are carried by some of the finest contemporary galleries in the country. Complete biography on request.  $15,000


Every painting Peter creates takes weeks of adding and scraping away hundreds of layers of paint. He paints only with trowels, scrapers and knives, layering and building on the canvas or board to create the lush surface texture in his work. He seldom picks up a paintbrush except to finish or glaze a surface.


He states, “Although my work is abstract, it develops from my experience and interaction with the land.” His work reflects moments taken from daily life, dreams, experiences, and visual impressions.


Peter’s paintings are studies of the environment – light, shadow, reflection – all influence his work. Now widely exhibited and collected, this painting is an iconic Burega.

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